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Formalizing a structure for TLUA Resource Management

Chief and Council with many years experience is slowly developing capacity within the community towards management of resources. For many generations, resource management was an integral part of their everyday life. Most, if not all teachings was about the proper management of the resources. Mother Earth continues to be the main sacred life giving spirit. Therefore it is necessary to maintain the respect and honor towards her.

In today’s management practices, Wabaseemoong has accepted and respects that harmonization of the differing styles of management practices needs to be enacted. The decisions made impact directly and indirectly on the lives of the people living in the communities of Whitedog, One Man Lake and Swan Lake. It also impacts on Minaki, cottagers and all businesses and users of the resources within the TLUA.

To ensure the safety, environmental protection and resource sustainability, Wabaseemoong has established the TLUA committee. A Resource Management Unit will be formalized to work cooperatively with MNR and other Ontario Ministries on Resource Management. The Management Unit is an on-going development with Wabaseemoong. Technical training and other capacity building is currently underway. A more formal structure will be unveiled within the next few months.

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