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The Wabaseemoong Independent Nations include the communities of One Man Lake , Swan Lake and White Dog. The land base of our three communities represents 111 square kilometers located in Northwestern Ontario approximately 110 kilometers north of Kenora , Ontario . Wabaseemoong represents 1280 First Nation members living on the Reserves in addition to 100 non band members and non-status people.

Wabaseemoong is a community which has stood witness to relocation, environmental degradation and social turmoil. All aspects have posed significant challenges to our First Nation. In spite of set backs, our community recognizes a need to assert economic development opportunities that are hoped to manage the failings of our history.


The Wabaseemoong Traditional Land Use Area occupies some 6,720 square kilometers (2,600 square miles) adjacent to the Ontario – Manitoba border, north of the Town of Kenora . The area is approximately 60 kilometers wide and 120 kilometers long. The White Dog Parkway is located in the southwest corner of the Traditional Land Use Area. It follows Provincial Road 525 from the intersection of Highway 596, through the White Dog Reserve IR 29 and then extending north to Caribou Falls . The Parkway reaches about one third of the way into the Traditional Land Use Area and provides the only road access to a vast wilderness area to the north.

Caribou Falls is located at the junction of the English River system and the Winnipeg River system. From this merging of rivers, water routes extend hundreds of kilometers in all directions, to developed areas in Manitoba and Ontario and to the vast northern wilderness. While the Road portion of the Parkway is approximately 50 kilometers in length, the water portion is virtually endless.